On the Radio

Music is supposed to sooth the savage beast.  Up until today I have not listened to music at work.  My phone is capable of downloading songs for a price.  I have opted to listen to the built-in FM radio.  I have trouble committing to an artist enough to buy their songs.  I guess it goes back to my youth when you had to buy the album and usually only listened to the single.  The first album I thought worthy of listening to all the way through was the Beatles and then it was only years later.  As nostalgia takes over my life I have fond memories that relate to music.  I sometimes wish I has saved some of those albums, but thanks to XM I can still here some of them.

Anyway, today is an experiment to see if listen to music will put me in a better mood and stop me from being crazy.  You see Ricky has caught me humming to myself and says that is what crazy people do.   I will probably just start humming along with my phone, but at least it won’t look as crazy.

I am not sure how much Lady Gaga and such I can stand.  I supposed that is why people download music.   Hmmm…I have never had a “iPod playlist” or in this case it would be and “Android playlist”.    Before I invest time and money in finding these songs I think I will keep listening to the radio.

I know, it is not PC to post Donna Summer, but you will just have to get over it.  These are my memories not yours, and honestly I loved this woman back then and I forgave her long ago for her poor political judgements.  Of course, if I loaded her songs on my Android no one would have to know.

3 Responses to “On the Radio”

  1. Who doesn’t love Donna Summer? I wanna know! Give me their names. I insist! I can’t see the video for some reason so I”ll just assume that it’s her sining “On the radio”, right?
    And tell Ricky that he is wrong. Don’t you know why “The caged bird sings”? That’s right, so he doesn’t go crazy. m.

  2. That’s what I thought, but Ricky says he has seen these crazy people humming non-sensical stuff. I have reposted the video and yes it is On the radio.

  3. Humming (or singing along) to music is a way to ward off insanity. And even if it is considered crazy, who cares. Nothing soothes the soul like music.

    Loved Donna Summer. Sat through “Thank God It’s Friday” because of her. When I think of those disco days, I think of her first and foremost.

    Not too long ago, she commented that she was never a Disco Diva. In fact, she had never even sung a disco song. Lord, she’s gotten delusional since she found religion. “Heaven Knows” I forgive her, though.

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