Steamed Heat

I have not posted for several days.  I am still alive.  Work has taken over my life.  That and the heat.  I could do my usual grumbling about this place but I have decided to not bore you or get my blood pressure up about it either.

We are finally planning a summer vacation.    Rick and I are going back to Portland.   Two reasons, it’s affordable and you can drive there.   Normally we make this trip over Labor Day, but you can save a lot of money by going in the middle of August.  So my birthday will be spent here at the hospital on-call.

We were waffling between Palm Springs, Portland and New Orleans.   The drive to New Orleans is more time off then I can afford right now although I love “Southern Decadence”.   (If you have never been to “Southern Decadence” you should go at least once, it is truly decadent in every sense of the word.)  The trip to Palm Springs is twice the cost of Portland.   Same thing for Seattle, I can spend 3 days more in Portland because of the hotel room prices.  Next year money will be better and we can plan a real vacation.

Portland is a lot of fun.  Good food! Nice gay community, lots of outdoor scenery, good weather too.  Not so blessed hot I am hoping.  And they have a gay strip club which is a little seedy but I am 50 now so I don’t care.  When you read those reviews where it says mostly older men and twink dancers, this is the place and I am that older man.  And in Portland they go totally nude.  Which is a thrill at first but seems so normal by the last visit.  And did I mention the food.  The restaurants are San Francisco caliber without the price tag or the attitude.  (If you want attitude there is one bar in town that serves that up as well, in spades.)

Rick found a house for sale in the gay ghetto part of Reno that would be very nice.  I use that term gay ghetto loosly here, there are older homes which attract a gay population.  It has a huge yard and a full basement.   For now it is just a dream, but we plan to make it a reality with in the next couple of years.  Which brings me to the title of this post, this house has steamed heat.  Isn’t that lovely?  Here is Patti Page singing “Changing Partners”.  It seems there is no video for “Steamed Heat”.  Darn!  But this song sort of describes “Southern Decadance”!  Ha!

Here is a clip of “Steamed Heat” from the movie “Pajama Game”.  I used to do that tip toe dance when I was a kid watching this with my sister.

7 Responses to “Steamed Heat”

  1. I too am floored by work, but I stopped to pop in and say hi and read your post.
    I vote for NO – if only for the food.

  2. sadly, i am probably considered one of those “eccentric” crazies…although, I prefer to think of myself as “artistic.”

    love the video for “steam heat”, but today I’ll take “tropical heat wave” from “there’s no business like show business.” actually, i’m in a “ain’t there anyone here for here for love” mood.

    • That’s okay that you are one of the crazies. Really anyone who is off the mark or “eccentric” can be fun and as long as you stay in Arizona we are fine!

  3. and I’m envious of anyone who gets to travel to somewhere COOL! the heat (and humidity) here is draining me.

  4. forgive the ‘crazy’ comment on the wrong post.

  5. Oh, you must die. hahahaha. By the way, I’m on my way to Reno. Prepare. You can run but you cannot hide.

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