Bats in the bellfrey and Bees in the attic

I haven’t written about my crazy neighbor in a while.  You know, “The Artist Formerly Know as Bonkers”.   Well, that isn’t because she hasn’t been up to things.  Actually, it sort of is, she was out-of-town for 2 months.  But she came back with vengeance.

Tonight is the monthly HOA meeting so she comes to mind, but she will not be in attendance.  It seems she blew in with the breeze for Artown this month and has just as wistfully departed.  But not without leave a trail of mayhem in her wake.

The downstairs neighbor is a sweet lady who takes in college students and various relatives from time to time to help them out and  pay the bills.  She has become friends with crazy, who lives directly above her (remember the sign dangling from the balcony?).   Anyway,  the good neighbor says that crazy is really just eccentric.  She has never worked a day in her life, has more money then sense, and is apparently a hoot to be around.  Well, I am okay with them being pals but keep crazy away from me.

Here is the what she has done.  First there have been several foreclosures in our complex.  She has purchased 3 of these at rock bottom prices.  That’s okay, she has the money.   One of them is upstairs at the end of our building.   The neighbor below called Rick since he is the VP and reported a leak.   It was coming from the unit upstairs.  The management company could not tell us who bought it but the lady with leak said she had seen a young couple moving things in and hadn’t seem them since.   So we are dealing with a leak in a unit we have no access to and no owner to contact.   The normal protocol took place.  We got the grounds keeper to turn off the water to the unit and got a locksmith out so we could investigate the cause and curtail some of the damages.   It was an old washing machine that was leaking.  The groundsman turned the water off to the washer in the laundry closet and we left the water off to the unit just in case.    Only problem was the water would not turn completely off.  There was still a trickle.

Well, we left a note on the door informing who ever came back that the water was off.   Then we found out it belonged to crazy.    So we put a note on crazy’s door too.  Crazy came home and was upset.  First of all that we got into her other unit without her permission and second that we had put her name on the note posted to her door.   You see she is hiding from people and doesn’t want them to find her.  That is why she keeps leaving etc.    Okay so we should have folded the note up and tucked it in the door, but really.   And as for the locksmith incident we were well with in rights.

So this is pretty normal so far, right?  But what was inside this second unit?  She had decided to make this her studio.  It was full of junk and “art“.   Remember, or maybe not, she has a warehouse some place where she is storing all of her art.  The up shot is that good neighbor helped us make peace over this and now has the keys to all the units that crazy owns.   No more locksmiths ever.  If the management company doesn’t know the owner they can get their asses out of bed and come deal with it!

So now back to my post headline.  Bees.   Crazy has made several absurd requests.  First she wanted to hang her art in the public areas.  Then she wanted to raise chickens on the lawn by the river.   She already has rabbits.   She also thought maybe we could be like a commune and grow our own vegetables and what not in the empty spaces.  So far this is just a little strange and certainly not do able.    The final request she made was for the grounds keeper to help her get up on the roof.  She wanted to keep bees up there!

Oh and what about the leak.  She got a plumber out who said she should get rid of the mid-century rusted out washer, but he tightened the hoses.  She then said there was no water pressure, only a trickle.   What part of, “We turned your water off”, didn’t she understand.  We had the groundsman turn it back on.   She left the keys with good neighbor, because she might want to go up  there and use the kitchen.  What non-sense is that? All the units have kitchens.   Good grief.  Good neighbor just smiles.  You see she is a bit eccentric herself.  Isn’t is nice she has found a friend.

I guess all of this is really none of my ….wait for it…..beesness!


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