What is love?

Anyone my age remembers the Love Is comic in the paper.  It was kind of curious in that it was not meant to be funny, but thoughtful.  It was also ridiculous.  Remember Love Story, “Love means never having to say you are sorry.”  Actually, it means just the opposite for most of us.  We can’t seem to say sorry enough.  I recently watched a rerun of Oprah on which the stars of Love Story appeared on stage together, now some 40 years later.  Ryan O’Neal, a mess of plastic and Ali MacGraw, who has aged gracefully, were asked once again to define love.  For Ryan there was genuine emotion as he spoke of Farrah  Fawcett and the wedge that love put between him and his daughter Tatum.  Of course, he was plugging a new reality show but I felt something more.  Then he told Ali that he still loved her.  This was one of the first times they were both single at the same time.  I am pretty sure nothing is going to happen here, but the thought of it is so romantic.

Okay, so now we know what love is right?  Wrong.  Maybe I should look closer to home to find this answer.  Who have been the loves of my life and what made them so?  Without going into too much detail on the past, my first love was a psychopath.  We’ll save that for another time.  My second love was a child.  I don’t mean a real child; I mean he behaved like one.  I felt like the teacher and I was getting him ready for the world.  Well, in the end he was never ready for the world, until he found someone else who could take care of him.   That was a painful 12 years of my life I will never get back.  But I taught myself something.  People do not change and you cannot make them.  So now we are caught up to Ricky and me.

Here is what I now believe love is, ready?  It is really simple so you may have overlooked it.   Love is finding someone who cares as much about you as you do them.  A mother loves her child.  A dog loves his master.  We don’t question that and that is part of the story.  You trust that person with all your heart.   But, yes there is always a but, what if that person is not worthy of your trust in the first place.  What if you are not worthy of trust?   That doesn’t really change it.  It just means the love was one-sided, but it was still love.   This time around my love is not one-sided.  One-sided love leads to heartache.  We have all been there.  It makes us who we are today.  Stronger and more loving or mean old bastards.  Or in my case both!

So that is what I think love is (not lust).   Tell me what it means to you.

I lifted this from a fellow blogger,  Cul-de-sac-ed.


5 Responses to “What is love?”

  1. Jeff,
    You are exactly right about love. True love is “someone who cares as much about you as you do them.” I’ve been lucky that I have found that one true love. That is where I am now. In the past, I have fallen in lust and fallen in love. I never had it returned. Some people go through live never having experienced true love. I am glad you are one of the lucky ones and have found your true love.

  2. I remember “Love is” – I used to cut them out and paste them into a Love is album. I wonder where is this album and why I bothered to do so?

    What is Love? oh dear, what a question for the end of a tiresome day. I will pass on this cosmic question. Maybe the answer is God?

    • Definitly not! Although there was a time when I was in Catholic School, I might have held that belief, but no more. God after all is an imaginary character used to teach people right from wrong and explain the unexplainable. A mother does that so maybe you are right, God is Love.

  3. love, to me, is being able to open up emotionally and know that nothing you say will ever be thrown back at you or used to cripple you in any way.

    also..it means always having to say you’re sorry. always!

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