It has already been a week!   I feel like I have been run over and left for dead.  So many meetings, projects and things to do.   I played plumber this week at home.  I am not very good at it either.  I have the plumpers plumbers crack but that’s where my skills end!

We are having company this weekend.   The Irish sisters are returning for a visit.   I feel bad because I haven’t been back to see my neighbor at the hospital. I haven’t been visiting blogs.  I am a bad person.  Not really but it sometimes overwhelms me.

3 Responses to “Overwhelmed!”

  1. I feel overwhelmed when I try to think of everything at the same time. I feel less so by writing it all out onto paper, in list form. This gets it out of my head, and then on paper I can organize it into bite sized chunks. This is helpful.

    • I have printed out (even though we are supposed to be paperless) all 24 of my “requests for service” and organized them into groups of importance and ranked them with in those groups. They lay in those groups on my desk all faned out. What is so overwelming is that at any time a phone call can changed the order and screw with my schedule. It could even be a phone call from home. I am better today. I made some progress on the list and have things scheduled, resolving most of the conflicts. I appreciate your kind an helpful words.

  2. i am glad to see you are better.

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