Luck of the Irish

Tomorrow our Irish sisters (friends) arrive from Oakdale.  They are taking the long road (HWY 88) through Carson City rather than the more direct route through Sacramento (I80).  Phyllis (the younger sister) is reading a book about historic Gardnerville and wants to check it out on their way into town.  I have written here about Genoa, well Gardnerville is a stones throw from there.  In fact it was founded by a Genoa resident, Lawrence Gilman, who moved his house there in 1879.

It should be a nice little day trip for them.  Gardnerville is a beautiful area with ranches and horses and cows.  But I suspect that the real reason Phyllis is interested is because she heard the Carson Valley Inn had recently been remodeled.  It’s a casino.  So we probably won’t hook up with the girls till supper time.   We owe  Laurel (the younger sister who survived cancer) a birthday dinner at Ruby River, a steakhouse in Reno, located across the street from the Peppermill.   We couldn’t go the last time she was here.


3 Responses to “Luck of the Irish”

  1. Have a great time! I started reading and then I had to go back because I was a little confused. At first, I read “Irish Setters” instead of “Irish Sisters”. Did you do that to me on purpose? m.

  2. I SO need new glasses. I wondered about the Irish Setters visiting from Oakdale.

  3. Hmmm, I guess a story about two Irish Setters would have been more interesting. And dogs do gamble (or at least sit around a poker table). I had an Irish setter once named Bonnie, pretend it was about her and don’t worry about the glasses unless they are empty.

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