Maybe next year

While planning a trip to Palm Springs I came across a name from my past.  There is a club called Tucan’s and performing there is Rudy De La Mor.  Before I continue this story let me first apologize for what I am about to say.  Some of which I am embarrassed to admit but none the less it is the truth as I remember it anyway.

Many years ago I was involved with a man who took me to a club in Pasadena to see a piano man perform.  That piano man was Rudy De La Mor.  This man seemed to know Mr. La Mor.  He went and sat at the piano with him and they performed a duet of chop sticks, to which the drunken patrons uproariously applauded.  Then Rudy sang a song and dedicated it to my friend.   It was “Send in the Clowns”.

Okay so there is one memory, now we must flash forward.  The man I was involved with is in prison.   I am alone and feeling sorry for myself.   I go to Pasadena to see Rudy perform.  I ask Rudy if he could sing “Send in the Clowns”.  He says he doesn’t know that one.    Later Rudy goes on break and he finds me sitting in the bar alone.  He wraps his cape around me and gives me a kiss.   That’s it.  Just one kiss.   I am stunned and a little embarrassed.  

So now all these years later he is still performing.  Old drag queens never die they just move to Palm Springs with the porn stars.    The pictures on the website make it look as if he has not aged a day in 30 years.

 Anyway, it brought it all back to me.   My boyfriend that went to prison,  the night in the piano bar, the sadness I felt, all those mixed emotions coming back to me.   By now you are wondering about the boyfriend and the prison thing, but that is another story.  The important part of it here is the sadness I was feeling.   And here is this funny man, Rudy attempting to cheer me up.   He made  a difference in my life that night.  He sent in the clowns.

Since Rudy doesn’t know this song, here is Judi Dench singing what for me is a very emotional piece.

P.S. I love that Bernadette Peters is sitting there in the dark behind Judi.


5 Responses to “Maybe next year”

  1. Very nice, thanks for sharing that.
    Since you are not telling the prison story now, I can only assume that you were 14 or so and he took you across state lines and pimped you out. How’s that?
    Your Friend, m.

  2. heavens! I remember seeing Mr. Rudy perform in Chicago in the late 80s. I wonder how old he is? He’s still around?!

  3. I saw A Little Night Music in London last year, or the year before, and it was nice to understand the context of the song. I’ve always liked it.

  4. although Streisand’s version of the song is absolutely the most beautiful, it is Judi’s that truly lays the meaning out there for all to feel in a visceral way.

    • Of course I love Streiand but this song was ment to be song by a person who is really not a singer. It is very emotional. Bernadette sang it here in concert once too and it was wonderful in a different way.

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