Pride and Prejudice, confessions of a racist

I don’t think of myself as a racist, but perhaps I am just a little.     Consider this email reply:  “No yet”  and then later ” Thank you, I do have.”

What nationality would you think this person is?  I don’t even have to see her or hear her voice and I know she is Mexican.  Is this being prejudice?   I supposed to be PC, I should refer to her as Latin American.

And what about being politically correct?  It seems we as a society have gotten so caught up in linguistics and what we can and can not say that we have lost sight of the facts.   This woman in the above example is clearly not a well-educated person, at least in the use of the English language.  I was installing an application that allows her to look at financial reports.  Let’s hope she is better with math.

So if I were to call her a stupid ignorant Mexican, would this be prejudice?  In this case I have supporting evidence that it is true, but I could never call her that, right?

And I wouldn’t, because she is just another co-worker trying to do her job.  For all I know she is good at it too.   But I can’t help but prejudge her based on the language she uses.

I think this is what PC is really about, not that we are judging them, but that we are being judged by how we respond.    You can’t say mean and hurtful things no matter how true they are.    You can call me a fag and I might be offended, but it’s true.  It’s just not polite.   Perhaps we should just all learn our manners.   Maybe being PC means being kind.

I would like to think of myself as a kind person and I hope others will do the same.

One Response to “Pride and Prejudice, confessions of a racist”

  1. Okay, so you’re a Racist. Some of my favorite people are racists. So what? There’s no changing you now so whatever Karma or God hands out to you in “the end”, you’re just going to have to accept it.
    I’m just having fun with you. I don’t think that you’re a racist at all. I see you more as a Classist(Is that a word?). How well would you do in a job in Mexico if the table was turned? It’s easy to judge someone by the mistakes of language. When Fred and I first met, I would laugh for hours over his misuse of the English language. Although he could run educational laps around me. And to be fair, he was also learning Spanish at the same time. He now corrects my English constantly. No fun!
    I don’t know where I’m going with this so I’ll just end here.
    Your Friend, m.

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