Dawn of a new day

As I was going to the “breakfast club” this morning, I catch a glimmer of the city in the early morning light.   Reno is like Denny’s, always open.   At 7 am there is a shuffle downtown.  The night shift is getting off.  The day shift is going in.  The fitness people are out for their morning run or bike ride.   Dogs are being walked.  Retired people are out for a morning stroll.  It is a quiet time and I image the stories that go with what I am witnessing.

There are several people heading to or waiting outside the corner store.   An older man in shorts and a cap is talking to a middle-aged woman who appears to have just gotten off work.  They are waiting in front of the store.   Another older man is just down the block with a cane.  He is heading toward the store.  The store keeper is fiddling with the key to open the door.   Another younger man is walking two dogs on long leashes.  One is a terrier the other a mongrel mixed breed.

As I approach the Casino’s downtown I see people scurrying about in their various uniforms,  waitresses, card dealers, security guards, maids, maintenance workers.  Some are fixing themselves.  Some are exiting the scene with their clothes in increasing disarray.   It is all very civil and polite.  This is how the day begins for some and ends for others. 

The card dealer is going home to her family.  She has to get the kids up and ready for school before her day it truly done.  Perhaps she needs to make lunches or go to the market to get milk and cereal for breakfast.   Perhaps she knows the old man and the dog walker.

There are disturbing elements on the street normally, the homeless, the drunks, the crazy people talking and yelling at someone who isn’t there.  But this morning these people are missing or I am failing to see them.  It is quiet in the streets of Reno.  We are at peace and harmony.

I get to my “breakfast club” and I don’t want to complain about work today.   I want to discuss life.  It is peaceful here too.  We talk about fishing trips.  We talk about our families and our summer vacations. 

Then I arrive at work…… so much for peace and harmony.

One Response to “Dawn of a new day”

  1. Wow, this is a great writing. Very lively Reno. I love it.

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