Palm Springs Hangover

Today is back to work Wednesday.  The bright side is I am over the hump to the weekend.   The bad news is I am playing catch-up after being gone for almost a week.  I am older today too.    Yesterday I turn 51!  One more year and I will finally be operating with a full deck.

Palm Springs was hot.  We didn’t end up going to see Mr. La More after all.  There was a line around the block to get into the place.   Things have changed cause when I saw him some umpteen years ago it was a quiet little piano bar.

We did have a good time on Arenas Road.   Arenas is sort of the Castro of Palm Springs.  Only it is condensed into one block.  The only straight place is a Circle K on the corner.  There are 4 bars, 3 restaurants with bars, and 3 gay oriented stores.  And if you go one block further there are more restaurants with a mixed crowd. 

We also went to a beer party in Cathedral City.   It was a leather bar, but most people were in shorts.  You would die in leather, it was 115 degrees.  There were a few fools out none the less.   Maybe if you live in this part of the world you can suffer for a look.   Those water misters wouldn’t be enough for me to don full leather.  Crazy! comes to mind.

I will say I am growing tired of crooked round light shades.  Enough!  I want a ladder to get up there and fix them.  Just make them go away.  We ate at a great restaurant that used these round shades around some crystal.  Nice look and they weren’t crooked.



We also did some flea markets and antique stores.   You had to get up early for the flea markets because they closed them down by noon, too hot.  I took a picture of this product I found.  Apparently, wireless used to mean something entirely different then it does now.


 Cure for any hangover

The last night we were there it rained.  Well, more of a drizzle really.  We went to the Blue Coyote and had Southwest Mexican food outside.  It was beautiful and we didn’t get too wet.  Here is a picture of some of our close friends.

Actually, I have no idea who these people are,  I took this from their website, but cheers none the less.


2 Responses to “Palm Springs Hangover”

  1. I love palm springs! I hope to get back there soon, perhaps November.

  2. You’re a mess! Did anyone ever tell you that before? I hope I’m not the first to break it to you.
    Happy Birthday! Eventhough it’s a few days late.
    I’m glad to hear that you had a good time hanging out with the Gays. Fred won’t let me play with the boys any more so I have to live my life through bloggers like you. Thanks!

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