Observations on being social

It is interesting how people attempt to interact.   While in Palm Springs I had two people come up to me and attempt to make fast friends.  The first one ask my partner if it was okay for him to hug me.  He wanted a bear hug.  He hugged me and fluttered off.  The second person started talking to me while I was waiting to order a drink.  He was happy that it was labor day he said he hoped he would have “this baby today” otherwise he would have to wait till next year.  He pointed at his stomach.  I suppose he thought I would be sympatico.  Somehow I was a little offended.  But then again he was trying to be nice.   I have made such comment about myself in the past, doing the Demi Moore magazine cover pose and all.    Now that my hair is getting white I supposed I will be getting the shaved Santa comments at Christmas too,  ho ho ho!

If I weren’t so negative maybe I could make some friends or at least get a job as Kris Kringle.

2 Responses to “Observations on being social”

  1. Okay well, you said it, not me!
    But I like you. Now how about a big hug, huh?

  2. I want a bear hug too 🙂

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