Intelligent or intellectually challenged

I wanted to write something highly intelligent and super entertaining, but you will have to go to Spo-Refections for that, I am not up to the challenge.  Instead, I will write something superficial, and add some interesting pictures to grab your attention.   After all the biggest hit to my site came after posting that picture of Ryan.   So I say give the people what they want.

Well, I can’t just re-post celebrity pictures everyday or it has no meaning for me.  So you are going to suffer through some of my fuzzy logic about life and then get the gratuitous pictures.   Here is one just to keep you reading.

Johnny Depp

My thoughts have drifted just downloading that picture.  Maybe tomorrow I will have something to say.  Right now I need to catch my breath and stop my heart from palpitating so hard.   I would say he looks intelligent, but who really cares.


2 Responses to “Intelligent or intellectually challenged”

  1. Not my cup of tea.

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