Saddness falls on the biggest little city

Akima Johnson, 4, of Stead looks over the memorial for the victims of Friday's Reno Air Races accident at the front gate of Reno Stead Airport on Sunday, Sept. 18, 2011. Photo by David B. Parker. / David B. Parker/RGJ

These pictures are from the Reno Gazette Journal.    I received several phone calls from friend and relatives concerned that I my have been in attendance at this tragedy.  I was not but I am saddened.  Our community is in shock and prayer for those who were injured or killed, their friends and family.

Several co-workers have conveyed their stories to me.  Some have videos that I don’t have the stomach to watch.  I wonder how the people who survived will cope with this.   How will it affect the children, seeing what has been described as an explosion of body parts and debris?   I could not cope.    I was on call at the hospital and had to come in and work on a printer in ER during the mayhem and that was more than enough exposure for me.

Side Note:  For those of you not familiar with the Reno area,  Stead is a community north-east of town.  It is still considered Reno.  This  is not our main airport, which is Reno-Tahoe International.  Our main airport is on the Southwest edge of town.  Although we have since expanded well beyond it.  Reno proper is tucked in a valley and surrounded by the mountains of the Sierra Nevada.   Stead is in what we call the Northern valleys beyond Mt. Piedmont.   The communities of Lemmon Valley, Golden Valley, Sun Valley, Red Rock and Cold Springs are located there with Spanish Springs above Sparks to the East.    Before the housing boom  and crash this area was a wind-swept plain with mobile homes that had to be anchored down.   More recently there has been a push to upgrade this airport and make it a community hub.  It has been the home of the Air Races for many years and has an excellent safety record.


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  1. What a horrible tragedy.

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