Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed after 18 years!!

I found this quote on another site (Towleroad) from a military person who served during WWII:

Jack Strouss, 88: “We had heard about these very frightening psychiatrists who were going to grill you. We thought they were the all-seeing people. So we were a little apprehensive. But it certainly didn’t happen that way. I was called in, and there was a man sitting behind this desk, and he pulled down his glasses and looked at me, and the only thing he said to me was ‘Do you like girls?’ I said, ‘Oh yes. And I love to dance.’ And he looked over at the door and said, ‘Next!’ ”

What is interesting about this is my dad had a similar experience when he enlisted during the Korean War.    Only his was in the form of a questionnaire.    The question was, “Do you prefer the company of men or women?”   My naive father answered men.   He was later questioned about his answer and said that over all he prefered hanging out with a group of guys then some annoying women.  “Next”…..

I am so happy this ban has finally been lifted. The jury is still out on whether my dad is gay.  Not really, when I came out he actually told me he didn’t know any gay people so he went to his clergy and got a book about it.  Then he came to me and showed me the book.  He said he understood and he loved and accepted me, no questions asked.  That is how it should be for everyone.  (Now my mother is a whole other story!  Maybe I will share that another time.)


4 Responses to “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell repealed after 18 years!!”

  1. I hope this nonsense is over and done with. I hope the next few congresses and presidents don’t turn back the clock.

  2. I agree, another horrible law gone.
    I love your new backdrop on your blog. You two look great!

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