My little town

We had another eventful weekend here in the biggest little city, well actually Sparks.   Reno was once dubbed “the gateway to Sparks” by some comedian I fail to recall his name now.  But back to my story.   This weekend was “Street Vibrations”.   Motorcycle enthusiasts from all over descend on the Reno/Sparks area for this 4 day event.

This year like the Air Races before it, tragedy struck.   First there was a fist fight and open gun fire in the Nugget casino, downtown Sparks.  Two rival biker gangs.   One man was killed.   This was pretty scary stuff.   The fight started in the casino area outside Trader Vic’s and spread out into the dance floor bar area just inside the restaurant.  Guests were escorted out the back through the kitchen when the shots rang out.   This was Friday night.

Saturday morning, what appeared to be a retaliation drive-by shooting took place in the parking lot of a Motel across the freeway from the Nugget.   Two men were wounded.

The city of Sparks cancelled the remainder of their events and put the city in a state of emergency until 5 pm Sunday.  Our hospital also went on lockdown, leaving only the emergency entrance open, until 3 pm Saturday.

I have not mentioned the gang names here because I feel they have gotten enough attention in the press.  It saddens me that this small percentage of visitors could cause so much trouble.    An estimated 36,000 people were in town for this normally joyous event.


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