Hair Spray’s Ricki Lake Dances Divine

“Hair Spray” is here in Reno at the Eldorado.  In fact, we have tickets to go see it in two weeks.  Most of you have seen or heard of this musical comedy.  (If not you need to turn in your gay cards!).   Ricki Lake who stared along with Divine in the original John Waters movie will always be my favorite, and now she is on Dancing with the Stars.

Ricki Lake in “Hair Spray”

This movie opened the door for me to the world of John Waters.  The next movie I rented was “Polyester” with Tab Hunter, who until then was mostly closeted (Tab not Waters).

Divine and Tab Hunter

Oh there were rumors fueled by photos like this one of Tab forking Roddy McDowell’s wienner.

But look at me, totally side tracked.  What I wanted to say was that Ricki Lake opened the door for me to explore more gay cinema (not just porn!).  And, after seeing “Polyester” I had to see more John Waters films.   There was the infamous “Pink Flamingos” and the more obscure “Female Trouble”.

Pink Flamingos

“Female Trouble” absolutely grossed me out, but I had to keep watching the whole movie.  I won’t put a picture here because the sensors won’t allow it.   But here is a video clip instead!  It’s title alone made me laugh!


So, I went  back to Ricki Lake and found another classic,  “Cry Baby”, which also starred Johnny Depp.

I love this guy, always have.   I know he is not some of you’s cup of tea, but he brings me to a boil every time.   But this is about Ricki Lake.

Okay, so she is not so pretty here.  That blonde is really scary too.   The story line was bad, but again it was a train wreck I had to watch.  It stole a scene from Divine by having Ricki give birth in the back of a car, but it was more mainstream and less disgusting.

So here we are back to where I started.   Ricki is on Dancing with the Stars.    Some say her only motivation is to lose weight the way Kirstie Alley did, other say it is just a last-ditch effort to restart her career.  She has a new show coming out in 2012.  I think she is on it because she attracts an audience and who wouldn’t want to be partners with Derek.  I hope audiences keep voting for her.

Derek Hough with Ricki Lake in toe (gleefully stolen from “Fit Perez”)

P.S.   That “Hair Spray” remake with “John the Closeted Scientologist” made me sick.  Even though they did try to gay it up with Adam Shankman.


4 Responses to “Hair Spray’s Ricki Lake Dances Divine”

  1. Thank you! Finally, someone else who thinks the Hairspray remake was garbage. Honestly, the first one had me in hysterics but the remake was boring and I just thought they did it for the money.
    So yes, I love Ricki Lake too eventough I never watched her talkshow.
    p.s. I never saw CryBaby although Fred said it was dumb.

  2. I remember seeing Polyester in the theater. We had these scratch and sniff cards and…uh, i was a wee toddler. Okay, fine. I’m lying. I wasn’t a toddler.

    Speaking of Tab and Divine: “Lust in the Dust” is my very favorite. Lainie Kazan chewed the scenery and a rollicking good time was had by all…or so I seem to remember through the haze of time…or was it cocaine?

    • I am sure you sneaked in under age. I vaguely remember scratch and sniff movies. I have been waiting for the “feelies” to come out like in the “Brave New World”.

  3. Bless you, my son, but I’m old enough to be your fath…uhm…older brother.

    And I don’t think I’d enjoy the “feelies” unless my crotch was involved.

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