Momma Mia!

The Tarantella Dance music is the most recognized song of all the Italian folklore music.  It literally means “tarantula” because the dance is done in a great big circle.  But here in Reno at the Italian Festival on Sunday this traditional dance was performed solo.   Whatever bug is up this womans dress it sure is making her dance.

But wait there is more!

The Italian Festival is sponsored by the Eldorado Casino.  Virginia Street was packed with tourist and locals enjoy food, music and dance.  There were stilt walkers, balloon twisters, face painters, organ grinders, monkeys, fortune tellers, and the aroma of Italy filled the air.

Here are two more videos of some locals dancing to the band.

This is my first attempt using my android phone to shoot video.  It’s not great but you get the sense what was going on.   Now I wish I had a real video camera.  After the event on Sunday, we went and had Mexican food, go figure!   Saturday was one of the Irish sisters birthdays, so we went to see “Hair Spray” also at the Eldorado, and had steak at “Ruby Rivers”, one of my favorite restaurants.  If you want good steak this is the place, and say hello to Kia, she has been providing us excellent service there for the past 10 years and we love her.

P.S.  There was another stage with more contemporary singing.  One performer was trying hard to sound like Frank Sinatra, but he sounded more like the Godfather.  The crowd was drinking wine and beer and didn’t seem to mind his off key notes as he belted out “Our Love is Here to Stay.”


One Response to “Momma Mia!”

  1. What’s wrong with her dancing? That how I dance to every song. Dress and all!
    And I’m impressed with your video feature. I think my phone has one too but it will be years until I figure out how to use it.

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