Channeling inner peace or I hate Monday part II

Don’t ever take a Friday afternoon off.  It takes an hour to read all your mail and new assignments.   An hour that general has me pissed off and anger.  I am sipping my coffee now and taking a break from it all least I explode.  It is a good thing I get here an hour and half before the boss.  Imagine the things I would say to him.   I am channeling inner peace from a galaxy far far away.  hopefully, I will be okay soon.

We went to Modesto for the weekend.  It was my eldest granddaughters 15th birthday.   God I feel old.  On Facebook she is trying to convince everyone that she is 16.   It won’t belong before she will be lying about her age in the other direction.   Time goes by so quickly.  

It was a pleasant visit.  Our son has decided to keep his house and start fixing it up.  He started with the upstairs bathroom.   It was a great improvement.    By the time we see them for Christmas the should have new wood floors downstairs and new carpet up.  He put his truck up for collateral  to make all of these changes.    While it probably isn’t the smartest thing from a financial point of view, he is paying off two high interest credit cards with some of the money.  I think they will be happier if the can get the house in better shape, so there is something to be said for peace of mind.  Paying for a dump is no fun.

Speaking of dumps, I need to get back to work.  Hope you all are doing well.  Once I get out of this hole I have dug for myself I will come visit.

2 Responses to “Channeling inner peace or I hate Monday part II”

  1. You’re such a crazy grandpa!

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