Pass me by, I am so not happy!

One last post before I die.   Not really!   This morning I installed a computer in the “Grossing” lab.  Let me tell you this place is aptly named.  The computer wouldn’t fit where they had planned so we had to take down a shelf that hadn’t been touched in years.  The women helping me put on gloves before she would even touch it.  So if I die from mad cow or the fleshing eating virus, this is where it came from.

This isn’t our actual grossing room but you get the picture.  Yesterday when I went in to survey the site there was a lovely piece of liver on that white cutting board.

Seriously,  I have been so busy this past month with work and relatives and fixing up the house.  I have not been much of a blogger. 

 Quick summary:

  1. My sister and her husband are still filthy pigs living in a god awful place over run with cats and dogs and the mess they leave behind.
  2. My parents are doing fine.  My mother had her second knee replaced and is a poster child for joint replacement surgery.  My dad has switched his meds and is doing better too.
  3. I got a new car.  Ended up with another Ford Escape.  The first one lasted me 10 years.  Sold it for 4 grand.
  4. Didn’t get a new job.  Sad sad sad.
  5. We are getting new carpet and bathroom flooring with the money from my old car.  The flooring was installed yesterday and the carpet is on order.
  6. I am so not ready for Christmas.  Thank goodness that snow didn’t stick ‘cus now it is so cold it would probably never melt.
  7. Ricky has the flu which has left me sort of a bachelor.  I had a frozen pizza for dinner last night.   I miss my home chef.  Hopefully, he is better today.

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