Warning! Facebook is watching you watch it

As you may already know, I am not a Facebook fan.   I stopped using it once and I am considering doing so again.  The reason I joined is because my family members have pages and I it’s hard to get news from them any other way.

So, I started it up again.  I said to myself this time it is only going to be family and “real” friends.  I am not going to play all those stupid games (Farmville, etc.).    This was working for me. 

The page was constantly suggesting friends for me.  I was constantly ignoring these suggestions.   Then I saw a blogger friend in the mix and asked him to be my friend.  That’s when it started.  More and more friend suggestions came in from people I didn’t know, but my blogger friend did.

So I started accepting more friends.  One day there were 20 new friend suggestions.  I thought what the heck and accepted or sent them all invites to be my friend.   Low and be hold the Facebook police sent me a cess and desist order that read something like this:

“Your are not allowed to invite total strangers to be your friend.  If you continue to do so your right to send invitations for friendship will be revoked.”   The wording is not quite right but you get the drift.

I was stunned.  I don’t even use their crappy site and suddenly I am some kind of offender.  WTF.   Someone must have falsely turned me in or something.   So, I went on my Facebook page and de-friended all those strangers.   Sorry guys, no offense but I will not be falsely accused.   (And really isn’t that what Facebook is for, to make friends with people you don’t know?)

Whatever, I am done with it.  I am only friends with my family and a small group.  I don’t need the aggravation. (Besides, being friend with my sister is hard enough.  She posted some seriously deranged photos of our family from Thanksgiving!)


2 Responses to “Warning! Facebook is watching you watch it”

  1. FB is a wild and wacky world, indeed.

  2. I’m on Facebook less and less these days. I figure if anyone has something important to say, they should start a blog. The only thing I do there is to post my blog updates.

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