I resolve….

Making a New Year’s resolution for me seems a little ridiculous.  If you haven’t committed to the change by now what difference does a ball drop make?  (and we are not tea bagging here!)  Maybe it is the whole concept of everyone making a committment at once.  There is safety in numbers.

Over the years I have made the same resolution, to lose weight and get in shape.  One year I actually achieved this goal, but that was over 30 years ago.  While this is still something I want to achieve, I will not torment myself with making it a resolve.

This year I resolve to succeed.  I have taken one step in that direction, by accepting a new position.  (No, it doesn’t involve grabbing my ankles!).   To succeed means to set realistic goals and work toward them and to that end I have and will continue.

So realistically, I start a new job in a week and a day.   I can’t possibly lose 100 pounds in a week.  I can however take steps toward that goal.  I am going to stop the stress eating.  After all what do I have to be stressed about now.  I got the job.   I am going to stop those trips to the kitchen during commercial breaks.   I am going to put the fork down when I am full, not when the plate is empty.  Little by little I will change.  Without change the weight lose won’t be permanent.

Exercise, hmmm,  realistically I am not going to go for a walk every day, but I can take the stairs over the elevator.  I can get out of my chair and walk about every once in a while.  Being idol is dangerous to my health.  If I have a reason to be active it is more likely I will be active.  Walking with no purpose is boring.   Okay so this goal is very hard for me, which reminds me,  hmmm, how many calories do you burn during sex?  No matter I will think of something.

Another goal is to be more positive.  I think if I can achieve this one the others will fall into place.  This doesn’t mean I won’t complain or gossip.  It does mean that I will try to say hello when passing people in the hall.  I will greet people with a friendly hello and a smile, instead of, “Now what?”  This should work over time.  I have already been trying to listen more.  I do love to give advice after listening and sometime during my listening.  I will try to listen and not give advice unless I am asked.

Okay, so I have a plan and maybe I can achieve it.  After all,  Mary Poppins was only Pratically Perfect in everyway.   I can be Mary er ah merry.  (I really want that dress!)   Have a jolly holiday.


2 Responses to “I resolve….”

  1. 2012 will see nearly a dozen resolutions for me, for there is so much I want to improve.

  2. Happy New Year to you!

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