The world is a scary place

Especially during an election year.

Michele Bachmann and her gay husband are through after Iowan’s caucused or something like that.  I hear that some of them caucused in people’s homes and brought casseroles and stuff to eat.  Weren’t the caucuses enough?  A meal on the bun or something like that.

Open wide!  Here comes the caucus…


This just makes me gag.  Poor Nicky has kidney problems.  The placement of the pillow makes him look pregnant and Mariah….please!  I wonder if the twins know he is using their sippy cup.

Cute couple gets divorce….

Cute guy plans to marry a girl….WTF


3 Responses to “The world is a scary place”

  1. You’re all over this place with this post. And I thought I was a mess with crazy posts!

  2. I hear tell MB announced she was dropping out to spend more quality time with the wife and children.

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