Stewie May Have Cancer

It seems I have been remiss in not knowing that Stewie, the world’s largest domestic cat (48.5 inches), lives here in Reno, Nevada.    Sadly, it was reported today in the Reno Gazette Journal that he has a tumor and it might be cancer.

Stewie, a 7-year-old Maine coon, is reportedly not in pain.

“He is acting like his normal self. .. He is acting as if he isn’t sick at all.”

Stewie  works at the Regent Care Center of Reno.  He is a certified therapist.

“He visits with people at the care center and generally brightens their day …. He loves doing it. All he wants to do, at this point, is get back to work.”

The own, Robin Henderson, says they will know for sure today if it is a tumor or an abscess and whether or not an operation will be required. ” If it is a tumor, it will be a very aggressive surgery, and they don’t even know if they can remove it.”

I sincerely hope that this magnificent animal recovers quickly.


One Response to “Stewie May Have Cancer”

  1. Oh my goodness, he’s a beautiful cat. I used to have a MainCoon which was shades of brown and red. MainCoons are gorgeous cats. I do hope he pulls through.

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