A visit from the second family

My work was crawling with SS men Friday.  While Joe was down at the South end of town,  Jill was here.  Remember that couple that was complaining they couldn’t see their newborn because  Mariah was on the same floor.   Well that was nothing compared to a VP visit.  

Frankly, I am surprised they bothered to show up here in Republican land.  Las Vegas yes but Reno?   A few hours before Joe was here he was in S.F. making a fool of himself.   What else is new?  He predicted the Giants would go to the Super Bowl.  Hello, even I know that the Giants that play football are in New York, San Francisco is the 49ers.  As it turns out his prediction was correct, wrong city and all. 

By the time he got to Reno he was all fired up, literally.  We have a brush fire at the end of town. “Winds gusting up to 82 mph pushed a fast-moving brush fire through a valley south of Reno”…hmmm he looks like he could be 82 but I don’t think he is a fast mover.  Seriously, this was a major fire and several homes and at least one life was lost.


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