Diet and Exercise — scary words to live by

I am starting a weight management program.   This one is web-based.   I record a food and exercise journal,  writing down everything I eat and when as well as when I exercise and for how long or why I didn’t.   The program also offers menu suggestions and allows me to enter goals and track my progress.   It sends me an email reminder everyday.    I have tried different programs before, but this one gets my attention so maybe it will actually work.    I need to do something.   I will let you know my progress.

The program is through my works website or I would suggest it to you to follow.  Perhaps your work is offering a similar program.  It is part of an initiative to save on medical insurance by having healthy employees.   Last year they had a similar program which I sort of shined on.  I got point for having all the tests done, etc.  But I really didn’t get motivated to change my eating and activities.    So here we go again.  I hope I can do something this time.    I have a new job, a new car, an a new outlook on the future.  Now is the best time to make another change since I am already making so many others what’s a few more.   I also go a new TV, this might be a hinderance rather than a helper.  Maybe I can do my tracking on the TV, since it is Smart.  That might make it fun. 

Some of you may know what a life long struggle being fit is (and still others are naturally active and thin — I hate you!).   My new office mate is going to have surgery for his sleeping disorder and the doctor told him he would lose 20 pounds in the process.   Maybe I have that disorder too….hmmm.    I know what to do.  Wanting to do it is another matter.

I eat for enjoyment.  I eat out of stress.  I eat because it’s there……..bad behavior.      I need to find enjoyment in other things, preferably things that make me active.   Don’t go there, you can’t lose weight that way, I have tried.  It makes you hungry!

Anyway……I hope to be smaller and fitter (is that a word?) soon.

2 Responses to “Diet and Exercise — scary words to live by”

  1. it’s all about the calories baby! Calories consumed < calories burned/day = eventual weight loss. Happily, we all can usually nickel and dime cut out excess calories and combine this with some exercise to slowly take off the pounds.
    Good luck.

  2. I quit taking my medications and dropped twenty pounds. Of course, I’m ready to sniper anyone who looks at me cross-eyed, but what the hell, I’ll look good doing it.

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