Caucus race

The Republicans of Nevada have finished caucusing and Mitt Romney is the winner.  There was a very poor turnout for these meetings, which has led to a push for a primary election to replace these antiquated practices.

I wondered what a Caucus was before I came here.  I don’t know what the original intent was but now they are large gatherings of registered voters who meet to pick their party candidate for the general election.   The problem is the population has out grown this concept.  It is hard enough to get some one to vote, and we have “early voting” which allows people several days to cast their vote, let alone give up several hours of their day to caucus.

I personally was hounded by the Democratic Party to attend our caucuses and there wasn’t even a real decision to be made, support Obama, end of story.

So why have these meetings continued for so long?  Maybe if these meetings were fun, like a super bowl party, with a half-time show, and some Giants running amuck?


One Response to “Caucus race”

  1. I love caucus races!
    Ironically they give out ‘the Dodo Prize’ which means everyone gets a prize for winning, which means of course no one really wins and the prize is worthless.

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