365 words of love

Brandon and Lannette at "The Mona Lisa"

Tomorrow is my stepson’s birthday.  He will be 39!   Damn I am getting old.  Of course I was only 12 years old when he was born.  But he is my family now.  Ricky is 11 years older than me.

Since it is highly unlikely that I will ever father a child of my own, he is my only son.  Even though we are not related by blood he has some of my traits.  Rick often says “your son did this or sad that”.  While I am flattered that he would compare us, it is usually one of my bad habits he is expressing rather than my good ones.

We have a good relationship, my stepson and I.    He asks my opinion on things about computers and techie stuff and he goes to his blood  father for financial advice.   (Unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to listen to that advice, but that’s another matter.)

I think he enjoys being around me.   He likes to tease me that is for sure and he gets Emilee and Abbie, his two daughters in on it too. 

I really had nothing to do with raising him.  His mother and  Rick were divorced when we was about 10 years old.  He lived with the wicked witch her till he was in high school.  Then he moved in with Rick and his former partner, because she moved out of the area and he wanted to finish high school with his friend.   She now lives in Kansas with her second husband and his children.  Sort of the rainbow in reverse!

What bonds us is that I helped him when he was down.   I felt it was my duty.   We gave him a place to live after his divorce.  He and the girls moved in with us for almost 4 years.   We could afford to do it and I was glad to help.   Now he is back on his feet and remarried and I would like to think I help make that possible (even though his new wife does remind me of his mother!).

I may have written about this last year, but I want to say again how proud I am to call him my son. 

Happy Birthday Mr. B!

Love Dad


One Response to “365 words of love”

  1. You two are fortunate men to have each other.

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