Disdain for valentines

I have never particularly been fond of Valentine’s Day, even though some significant things have happened in my like surrounding this day.   I think what bothers me most about this day is the expectation.  Husbands are expected to get there wife’s flowers or candy.  Boyfriends are expected to take a partner out for a romantic evening.  Greeting cards are handed out in grade schools by the handfuls. Young boys are expected to court young girls, either directly or anonymously in a card.

Perhaps the school children part of this holiday is still sweet and tender.  At a young age love is boundless.  Girls give cards to boys and other girls.  Boys do the same, with no thought to “the sanctity of marriage” or any gender controlling societal norms.  At this point we are like pets, we love unconditionally.  Perhaps it is this loss of innocence that I hate most about Valentine’s Day.

In fact, some of my own memories from this day involve a loss of innocence, one I wrote about earlier this month.   Maybe what would turn this around for me would be to gain innocence, to recapture the purity of love.   To that end I would suggest that we be just a little kinder that day to everyone, even those we dislike.  I didn’t say hate, because hate is too strong a word.  While I do use it from time to time, I really don’t hate anyone (and the ones I do know who they are!  ha!).  I am not perfect.

So maybe it is just my own approach to this holiday.   Giving is an act of kindness.   Expecting something in return is not.  I will probably give my partner something for Valentine’s Day, not because I know he expects it, but because I appreciate him and want to show that gratitude.   Okay, so maybe I don’t dislike this holiday as much as I thought!

One Response to “Disdain for valentines”

  1. Not my favorite day at all. Bah Humbug!

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