Green Acres

I have been wanting to post for several days, but life is very busy here.   You know the saying “the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence”.      Well the reason it’s greener is because they are in deep kaka.  Like  Erma Bombeck said  ” the grass is always greener over the septic tank.”

Our server has been crippled since last week.  We are having trouble getting vendor support.  I am on call and get to constantly update users on all shifts what is happening.  I went to the doctor and got some new meds.  I have high blood pressure.   I am trying not to stress out over all of this.  We are doing what we can.  But it is no fun listening to people complain every time you pick up the phone.

On the bright side,  I like my new position over all.  There are new projects to plan and implement (including replacing that server!).  The money is better.  The boss is nice.  My co-workers so far are more than willing to help me.  I think they may start to get sick of me cause I have them on speed dial.

I just need to relax and let things happen.  ( I know what you are thinking and yes it does.)


2 Responses to “Green Acres”

  1. Poor Mr. Haney. If only he learned to let go and be one of them, rather than trying to make everyone like him.

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