Baseball, basketball, and shenanigans

I had a great weekend visiting family in Modesto. I went to softball practice in the freezing cold wind and then to the final basketball game for my granddaughter who is 10. Her team made 3rd place. Each child got a medal with their name engraved on it. The game I saw they defeated the second place team, but the position is determined by the overall stats. Technically, since they beat the second place team they should have been second place. No matter. It was fun and Abbie was happy that her granddad’s made a trip over the pass just to go to her game.

Between baseball and basketball we went to a pub for lunch. Normally I am out of the loop as to what is happening around me, but this pub was filled with strange goings on. A couple sitting near us were obviously on a first and last date. He kept going on and on about himself and bragging about expensive restaurants he frequented. He said to her that if she wore a yoga outfit and put her hair in a pony tail, “everything would be hard”. The girl told him she had enough! He says, “Maybe we can be weekend warriors?” She left in her own car and there was no goodbye hug or kiss.

They were replaced by a guy and two women with babies. I thought the babies were twins, but soon found out that they were Mormons and were both his wifes. They had come to California seeking another wife. Yikes! Too bad all I was drinking was tea.


2 Responses to “Baseball, basketball, and shenanigans”

  1. “Weekend Warriors”? That’s a new one to me!
    So, you don’t want to be a Sister Wife? Party pooper!

  2. what sort of tea?

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