Wishing my life away or planning for the future?

I am already wishing the summer away.   We are making plans to visit New Orleans over Labor Day!  I have not been for several years.  The last time was two years after Katrina.  It was not the fun town I remembered.  Now it has been 7 years.  More than enough time for business to come back.  Although I have heard that it still isn’t what it used to be, but then neither am I so what the heck.

We already made room reservations, bought the airplane tickets and rented a car.  Now I just need to lose 100 lbs and I am ready to go.   Maybe I can lose some of that weight now that I have a carrot dangling in front of me.

I have actually started taking better care of myself.  I am down 11 pounds and am trying to be better about my sugar intake.  The doctor put me on high blood pressure pills and they are working.   In fact, I had a scare last Saturday because my blood pressure was so low I was dizzy.  Well, it was low for me.  I check my sugar first, nope not that.  Rick thought I was being overly dramatic, but I was scared.  You see my father had his first heart attack when he was my age, so subconsciously I am  thinking in the words of Fred Sanford, ” I am coming Elizabeth”.

Red Fox

All is well, I didn’t have a heart attack, but I am more aware, which is probably a good thing.  I am still using the healthy track system at work.   As for the free counselor, honestly I haven’t wanted to talk to a stranger about me, even if they proclaim to be a health professional.  I will continue to check in with my physician and take my pills like a good boy.

New Orleans will be a great time.  We have talked a friend into going with us.  She has not been there for 30 years so it will really be different to her.  She was married to a rich man then, this is going to be a budget minded trip.   We will go on the touristy tours of ghosts and graveyards, eat at one of Emeril’s restaurants, probably Nola’s, maybe take a riverboat, and drink the whole time.   It is the only city I know that has beer carts in  the parks, to go cups at every bar, and slushy stands in the mall that make some mean rum drinks. 

Plus Labor Day is “Southern Decadence”.  If you haven’t heard of that it is a gay madi gras that can be overwhelming, but we will just be tourists and enjoy.  I am sure to write more about this when the time gets closer.   Maybe I will share some stories from our previous visits,  if the ginkgo kicks in and I can remember.  I have photos too! (Most of which can not be posted here unless I change my rating.)

Anyway,  happy Thursday.   We are expecting a snow storm this weekend, oh joy!  Back to life.


One Response to “Wishing my life away or planning for the future?”

  1. Boy, you’re living the life, aren’t you!
    All that sounds like great fun. Well, besides thinking that you were having a heart attack and all.
    You’re not wishing your life away. You are simply looking forward to something. That’s a good thing!

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