Learning to Eat

Listening to my stomach growling is a good thing right!  It means I am hungry and I can ignoring it.  It should mean I am losing pounds.  It probably means that corn beef and cabbage I had for dinner is catching up with me.  Whatever it means I am trying to learn not to eat just because my stomach is rumbling.  I stopped mid sentence and grabbed a snack from my draw. You don’t have to feel hungry to lose weight.   In fact, you should snack.   But those snacks need to be healthier.   But who wants a bag of carrots when you can have a candy bar out of the vending machine?   Well, I have found that you can have snacks in moderation that are high in fiber and some of them even taste like a candy bar.

Kellogg is helping me out with this snack thing.  I tried Fiber One, they are okay, but the cost is crazy.  Kellogg has Fiber Plus and I have found them at a discount.  Who wouldn’t want to eat a Caramel Coconut Fudge bar?  There are several flavors. This just happens to be one that I have today. These bars have 35% of your total fiber needs for a day.   So be sure the bathroom is near!  (Just kidding).   They are not calorie free or sugar-free but they have fiber to make up for it and fiber makes you feel fuller.   So I could have had a snickers bar and then wanted a bag of M&M and washed it all down with a  diet Pepsi, but instead I had one of these little treats and water.

When I am home I opt for a piece of fruit, such as an orange or a banana ( I know what you are thinking, just stop it right now!)  a real banana.  Apples are good too.  Remember what they said about an apple a day?  Well, it is sort of true.   I can eat an apple before bedtime and it will satisfy my sweet craving as well as make it easier to take my pills.   Apples are a good thing if you can get some that aren’t all mush inside.

The other night on the way home Rick wanted to stop for a milkshake.   I didn’t have one!   That was tough, but I had something at home to help me get through it.   BlueBunny makes these wonderful creamsicles.  They are orange with just a little vanilla ice cream in the center. (They are called Orange Dream Bars!)  It is cheating but it has far fewer calories than a chocolate shake from Jack in the Box.

Only 70 calories (for one not he whole box!)

So I am learning to eat….again!

4 Responses to “Learning to Eat”

  1. Fruits really are the best snacks. Last night, I had sliced apples with cinnamon. Simple, tasty, and most importantly, healthy!

    Check out my post on how to incorporate fruit into everyday meals http://getphyt.org/2012/03/14/americas-next-fruit-ninja/

    I’d love to hear what you think about my post and blog!

    getPHYT, Exercise Your Mind.

  2. good luck on this; it is a gradual ongoing process.

  3. sweetopiagirl Says:

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  4. Roger,

    You’re on to something here. I love Blue Bunny ice cream and have actually lost weight eating it. I too have sweet tooth. I never eat a candy bar but I do have two chocolate chip cookies a night. Seems to work for me. The secret to losing weight and keeping it off is not to punish yourself by never eating your favorite foods again but to just do it in moderation. It takes time but one you develop the habit it is easier. Good luck!

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