Phoney business

I have had my smart phone android for about a year.  Rick has had an old iPhone.  It’s one of the first ones.  Slow doesn’t begin to describe it.   Saturday he traded up for a new android cupcake. Let the frustration begin.

I lucked out with the iPhone.  His son taught him how to use it.   Now he has android and all we do is argue about it.  You see he wants me to show him and I would rather just fix it.  He gets mad.   It is hard to show someone on a 7 inch screen. It’s bad enough when I try to explain things to him on the computer.  (It’s not the size it’s what you do with it.  I am sorry am a size queen.)

I am trying to have patients and teach him but he is a stubborn Taurus and I am a snippy Virgo.  Fun times for all.   The conversation usually turns into some like, ” I hope you don’t teach your co-workers the way you teach me.”   Yep, I get along better with total strangers sometimes then I do with my partner.  After 13 years you would think I would know how to deal with it, but he just plain likes to pick a fight with me.  I am sure of it.

I may be trading our phones in for this lovely device.

Hello, Progresso?

At lunch today we got through some of the basics of adding widgets and apps,  creating favorites and contact groups, etc.  But I think I would have rather been giving Billy a bath.

Can you believe this photo?   Billy would be more like the one below.

Look at that and the human is gloveless and shelveless. That would be a blood bath at my house.


3 Responses to “Phoney business”

  1. I used to bathe my cat at least every other month. He didn’t try to scratch me, but he would sit there with a look of injured pride and betrayed trust and cry… much worse than any struggle. But it took his greasy hair and made him fluffy to the touch.

  2. Yes ! Tin cans and string! I have been advocating returning to these for years!

  3. My kids teach me everything I need to know about my phone. I’m just not that smart!

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