DWTS starts off with a WOW!

Jaleel White and Kym Johnson.

“This is the first dress I have worn in 20 years”, said Martina Navratilova last night on DWTS.  Melissa Gilbert from “Little House” was there too, san gingham and two husbands.   My favorite was Gladys Knight.   She gave class to an otherwise B list of celebraties.

Gladys Knight

There were some hunks on the dance floor too.   Will Levy got the audiance swooning and Carrie Ann was literally crawling over the judges table to get closer to him.  They call him the “Mexican Brad Pitt”, but he is actually Cuban.

Will Levy and Cheryl Burke

Katherine Jenkins, a british star, danced with Mark Ballas.  Say what you will about Mark (and I know Ron will), this girl is beutiful,  sort of a Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly blended to perfection.

Katherine Jenkins and Mark Ballas

There is not elimintion this week so I will wait till after next Monday’s performance to pass judgement on the rest.  Except I do think Sherri from “The View” will be somewhere in the bottom.  She is a happy person but her shape takes away from the grace of ballroom.

Sherri from "The View"

2 Responses to “DWTS starts off with a WOW!”

  1. I should watch it just to see Gladys Night! Love her!

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