Return of the night of the living dead or Easter as some people call it

If the economy is so bad, why was Vegas so crowded?   It was a nice little vacation.  The weather was good, except for the wind.  The company was good, except for the daughter-in-law. (Not really, she was okay too.)  The food was good and the drinks kept coming. It was nice for Rick to spend some time with his brother.  I don’t think they have hung out together like that in years.

Now it is back to the grind stone.   I have so much mail and things piled up for me to do, so of course the first thing I do is write this post.  I have my priorities.  Is it lunch time yet?

Good news, I didn’t gain weight on this vacation.  Probably because I had some bad meatloaf that put me in the crapper for most of one day, not to mention the acid reflux.  I don’t know which end smelled worse.  (I know TMI!)

So Easter is on its way.   The bunny lady has returned to the apartment across the breeze way from us.   I hope they hop over and bring me some candy!   My sister called asking for money, speaking of crazy!   I would love to help her out but I don’t think there is much I can do.    Apparently she has already tapped out my parents.   I need to call her back and get the full story.  She called while I was in a very loud casino drinking beers and not very sympathetic to her cause.

We are home for Easter.   Rick and I will probably find a brunch or something.  All the casinos have something going on.  Sin and religion once again go hand in hand.   I am sure there will be wonderful tele to watch as well.  Maybe I will watch Moses part the red sea for the gazillionth time.  One year I watched the Temptations of Christ, sacrelig I know.    Really, though he was one of us right.   So why shouldn’t it be possible that he married and had kids.  It seems bad that’s why I never did it (ha!).

Did I tell you that I played Jesus once?  I was the youngest new-born in the church when they did the Christmas Play.  So I got to be Jesus and my mom was Mary and my dad was Joseph.   That is probably the Holiest thing I have ever done.   Since then I have sinned enough to burn in hell for eternity.  (You’re thinking about holes, aren’t you? Stop it!)

I don’t talk much about religion.  It is not that I don’t believe in god.  I was raised a Protestant.  I attended Catholic High School.   I studied reglions of the world in school.  I came to the conclusion that religion is for people who need answers.   They need something to believe in ……to go on.   While I seek answers too, I am not inclined to believe things on blind faith.  So there is where we part ways.

Also, I think that church to a large extent uses people to make money and expand their teachings.   I really don’t have a problem with that either.   What I have a problem with is some of what they teach alienates me as a person, as a homosexual gay male in a heterosexual world.  I think god is forgiving.  I think god forgives them for alienating me.  But I don’t have to hang around people who don’t want me now do I.

The answer is out there….. and someday I will have it, Christain or Buddist or Jewish or whatever will have nothing to do with the it.  At least I don’t think so.  Religion has its place.  It helps keep order in society much like the government does.  It helps people be kind to one another.   It’s basic message is a good one.  Too bad there is so much hatred mixed in to most of these organizations.  I try not to hate.  It ain’t easy and sometimes religion makes it even harder, at least something is hard!  Ha!  I truly am going to rot in hell someday or am I already…I smell something burning!

Click on the above painting to see it in all it’s glory. “The Garden Of Earthly Delights” is one of the most fasinating commissioned alter pieces of it’s time.   Below is the seldom viewed outside panels which are only visable when the it is closed up.

2 Responses to “Return of the night of the living dead or Easter as some people call it”

  1. What I want for Easter is some gin; you can leave behind the chocolate eggs thank you very much.

  2. Religion is a specific fundamental set of beliefs and practices generally agreed upon by a number of persons or sects so I agreed when you said that the fact you dont speak about God all the time it doesn’t mean that you dont believe in Him, the important thing is to be good and love each other.

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