Drama or Girls are so emotional

I may not have mentioned this before but I share my new office with a female.  The first two months I was here she was out on stress leave.  But she came back early last month.   She is a nice young woman, going through a divorce.  She has a daughter about 10 years old I think.

Anyway,  I have enjoyed the company so far.  She is always willing to help and show me how to do things.  Nice looking too.    Well, today the source of her stress was on the phone and before long she was in tears.  An hour later she went home.   I tried not to listen to her conversation, but the sobbing got my attention.  I asked her if she was okay.  Trying desperately to hold back her emotions she said “Yeaas”, sniffle sniffle.

I am not used to having someone cry in my office unless it is me!

She texted me later and said she was going to work from home on her project.  I texted back that I hoped she felt better.   Not sure what to do.  It was a family member on the phone and they were blaming her for something, that much I could tell.  She was attempting to defend herself.  And then when she hung up the flood gates opened up.   Listening to her I thought good for you.  You are a strong woman and you are standing up for yourself.  Apparently that was just a show for the other person on the phone.

I think she will be okay and return to work next week.  I hope so.  Why do people pick fights with others while they are at work?   My ex used to do that to me.  He wouldn’t let me hang up.  I stopped answering the phone.  He would call my co-worker.  She would try to cover for me and get him to hang up.  That was 12 years of hell.  The man was impossible at times and yet I was in love with him.  I guess maybe I was an emotional girl too, and he knew what buttons to push.   Once I realized what was happening I could deal with it, I could be less defensive.  I could be empowered, in control.

That’s what people need to do.  They need to stay in control of their lives.  Once you give that up you become an emotional train wreck.  Of course, I can still fall victim to this if I am not careful.  Family has a way of working your last nerve, don’t they?

Here is wishing my office mate a happy Easter.  I hope she gets back in control of her life.


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