Rock’n the dance floor

DWTS went rock last night.  It was less than spectacular.   Heads were bumped, piggy back rides were given for fractured feet, the judges pretended to be “Queen”, and Kiss was live on stage.  As if all of this was not enough to turn you away, the dancing wasn’t as good either. The highlight of the evening was the football player, Donald Driver, doing a paso doble shirtless (27/30).

It was Melissa Gilbert who bumped her head and was taken to the hospital with concussion-like symptoms.  Maksim also slipped and fell during the routine and was favoring one leg as they headed up the stairs for the judges scores (22/30). 

Maria Menounos was dealing with two broken ribs and a stress fractured feet. She still manged to perform the tango with partner Derek Hough, who had to piggyback her to the judges’ table and the lounge after the routine (26/30).

As for the Queen performance, this was danced to by Gladys Knight.  The song, “Bohemian Rhapsody”, is not easy to dance to and the judges commended her for the attempt but it really wasn’t her best, Rock and Roll Hall of Famer or not, but I still think the audience loves her (20/30).   (I think the judges routine actually made it even harder to dance too, let alone the often off-key studio band.)

Those are the highlights.  Tonight someone goes home and Kiss will perform live once again.


4 Responses to “Rock’n the dance floor”

  1. Is it dancing or acrobatics now?

  2. Miss Gilbert looks like she’s had work done.

  3. Well, she did appear on NipTuck several years ago.

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