Stressing out ….. leave me alone!

I am stressing today.  That guy I was supposed to be shadowing is out on leave now.  Seem his little boy came early.  My manager is off this week too.   So I am left fielding questions I have no immediate answer for.   The good thing is the people asking the question are understanding so far.  I just don’t like seeing emails in my box from the boss’s boss.  I like to be left alone.   The greener grass is getting paid for today.

I am sure I am over reacting to the situation.  It is a fear of the unknown that I think I should know but that I could not possibly know, you know?   In other words the guy who left on leave didn’t leave me much to go on.  I have a folder full of documentation that takes time to shift through for answers.   Ultimately I have the vendors number, but I don’t what to cry wolf too soon.

Maybe I could just win the lottery and get out of here!


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