Honey I’m home

Today is supposed to be unlucky.  The number 13 has been considered unlucky.  Some buildings skip the 13th floor.   When I stayed in Las Vegas last time I was asked if I minded being on the 13th floor.   Friday the 13th is supposed to be super unlucky.    This is because Friday itself is considered unlucky and the combination well you get the idea.

In numerology, the number twelve is considered the number of completeness.  There are  twelve months in a year, twelve hours in a day, twelve gods of Olympus, twelve tribes of Israel, twelve Apostles, the 12 successors of Muhammad,  twelve years in my last relationship (just checking to see if you are paying attention), and so on.   The number thirteen was considered irregular, transgressing this completeness.  Judas is the 13th at the last super.

As for Friday, we have Black Friday, the day the market crashed, not the Friday after Thanksgiving which seems to contradict this notion of bad luck.  Jason Voorhee’s corpse rising out of the lake in the movie “Friday the 13th” was the start of a very profitable franchise.  It was one of Kevin Bacon’s first movies and it doesn’t seem to be bad luck for him.  But still that tag line haunts me, “the night he came home.”  I keep expecting my ex to knock at the door. Oops, wrong movie that was “Halloween”, Jason … Michael… Roger*, some scary dead guy is at the door.

None the less, I am wearing red today in an effort to counteract some of the negativity this day has on people.  Personally, I have been lucky on this day, if you don’t count the time I was mugged which technically was Saturday, the morning of the 14th so I don’t.

*Sidenote:  My ex loved these movies.  He once threatened me with a meat cleaver.  He thought it was funny, we were not amused.


2 Responses to “Honey I’m home”

  1. I forgot it was the 13th; I had no worse day than any other day.
    I am not at all triskadecaphobic.

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