I have been so busy this week!  It feels like this should be Friday.  They guy I was shadowing came in with his baby and I got to ask him for help on a few problems I was having.  We’ll just call him SAH for short.  He made it all look so obvious.  I should have been able to figure it out myself.  His condescending tone,  “remember I showed you ….”.    Yes I remember but associating what someone shows you with a question you are getting from a user is not always that easy.  I don’t have SAH’s vernacular down yet. But I am learning and I only took up 5 minutes of his precious time.

Okay, I am over it (getting over it).  SAH is really not that bad. But some people just have an air about them that makes it hard to breathe.  In fact,  it makes me feel like doing something mean, like slapping him or something.  I kept my hands to myself and I got my questions answered.  SAH made some lame excuse for ignoring my earlier cry for help.  I had texted him.  I got the boss to text him today, hence his arrival on site to “save the day”.  I will let him have that for now.  I am not fond of being his shadow, but I have learned why the others in my group have refused to work on his stuff unless they are forced to do so.  They havea cute nickname for him that I can’t share here.  It is a play on his name, one of the lowest forms of humor, but I love it.   I have to be careful not to call him that to his face when he returns next month.  Humor helps me relief the stress SAH has caused me.

The boss told me this morning not to get too stress out over all of this, so if he is not overly concerned I guess I can relax a little too.  I will just keep doing what I can and that’s all anyone can ask.  It is not worth having a stroke.


2 Responses to “SAH”

  1. Just play it cool, man! You don’t have to shadow him forever.

  2. Indeed, no stroke please!

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