Shirts and skins on the dance floor

I have been a very busy boy the past week.  I just realized I haven’t posted since DWTS was on last Monday.   Well it was on again last night.  I am not sure who is going home.  In fact, I had trouble watching the show most of the time.  They were dancing to Classical music.   Sleeepy!

I did wake up for the Team Dances.   Team Paso should have beat team Tango but it didn’t.   I think Len was afraid to vote for the big musles on team Paso.   That part really woke me up when  Maks and the boys took off their shirts.  Carrie Ann was blushing or having hot flashes not sure which. William Levy said he didn’t want to take his shirt off in rehearsal cause he thought it would take away from the performance.  I think he was right.  See for yourself.

Skip two minutes in if you just want to see the skins.

There was a dance with Mark not wearing any shirt too.   I didn’t care for it.  His tatoos were too distracting for me.    It earned him and his partner Katherine Jenkins all 9s.

Derick Hough and his partner Maria Menounos managed to score the first perfect 30 for their paso doble.  Maria sported fangs and Derick kept his shirt on.  Last weeks performance had him shirtless.  He’s a great dancer but he looks really young with his shirt off.  Okay so he is really young (26).  He has been dancing since he was 12.  He was trained in London by  Corky and Shirley Ballas (yes they are Mark’s parents) along with his sister Julianne who was on the show in seasons past.

I think Melissa Gilbert’s little house is calling her home.  Here is last nights tango with her parnter Maks.

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