Mommie Dearest

My parents are coming to visit today and are staying with us through Tuesday.   I have taken a couple of days off to spend some quality time with them.   I say quality time in jest because I know it will be 24 hours of CNN and coffee.   My dad will scream ‘Norma” at least a hundred times a day and my mother will yell back ” What?”.     A great time don’t you think.

Okay, It may not be as bad as all of that.   I am thankful that I still have anytime with them at all.   We will probably go to a Sunday brunch for Mother’s Day, even though my dad will have already eaten his breakfast at 5:30.  I know this because I will have to get up and keep him from burning the place down.  Rick will gently nudge me and politely ask me to go into the kitchen and help my father.  (Ha! I had trouble writing that with out laughing.)

Mommie Dearest will want to go shopping.    She loved Burlington Coat Factory.   I may give Rick a break and take her there.  Of course, that means he gets to babysit my dad at the tables in the casino, but I am sure that is an easier job then watching my mother try on clothes.

I know it sounds like I am not going to enjoy their visit, after all, the thermostat will be at 85, we won’t be able open any doors or windows, and the TV will be on high volume, but I still will enjoy hearing my parents tell the same stories over and over (sometimes in the same hour!).

You may have been thrown by the title of this entry.   I have been calling my mother “mommie dearest” for years and yes she does know the reference.    She even signs my birthday cards that way.     I call her this because she has the “look”.   She can look at someone and get them to do what she wants.     If I need to return something and the clerk gives me trouble, I bring my mother over and suddenly they are throwing money back at me.    It is a gift!   You just don’t want to be on the receiving end.


One Response to “Mommie Dearest”

  1. dear me!
    To be a fly on your wall, when this all happens !

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