Shake up

While I was out for an extended weekend, things stacked up for me to do.   I had passed on two tasks for a colleague to follow up on while I was out.   Of course they were still waiting for me on Tuesday morning.   Seems my colleague called in sick.  I finally got these two issue resolved today.   It doesn’t pay to take the day off.

Now my colleague who called in sick is getting his annual review.   He is a little worried because he was in trouble for being sick too much before.  But this was his first since I started other then a two week period after he had surgery.  I think he will be okay.

But the grim reaper came to our office on Monday (an HR lady famous for walking people out who are fired).  It seems that one of our other co-workers upstairs may be getting fired.   There has been no official word yet.

We got a new computer system to log our time and document our work.  It is a big learning curve for us.  Very different from the system we were using.    The good thing is that I got to install Google Chrome to use it.    This has made WordPress work much better.  It spell checks as I am typing.    Love it.

Now if I could only come up with something wonderful to write about.   I will think of something tomorrow, and it won’t be DWTS.   The finale is next week.    So far I have been wrong on my predictions of who will stay and who will go.  It seem Mr. Wynn (of Wynn Resorts) had bet on the wrong stars too.  He set the odds in Las Vegas,  so I am not alone on missing this pony race.   However,  William Levy is the 9-2 favorite to hoist the mirror ball.

I watched two back to back episodes of Glee last night and then fast forwarded though DWTS.  That really is the only way to watch the results show.


One Response to “Shake up”

  1. Your colleague should be nervous. There are some people who are always taking off and still think that the world owes them something. I’m a Stateworker and I see it all the time.
    Have a great day!

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