Interesting Proposal

I have often wondered ….. why do people….(fill in the blank).    People do things for all sorts of reason.   If they do something that we don’t agree with we wonder why.   How could they do something so illogical and stupid.    In this state I wonder this on a daily basis.     Recently,   a local new reporter got herself on youtube for making a comparison between Gay Marriage and Sin.    It was actually not her fault, it was the writers trying to be cleaver.    I heard the original report and I was not offend.  Maybe I am just desensitized living here and come to expect such things.

Actually,  I kind of agree with the point of her proposal even if it weren’t addressed in a very PC fashion.    The state of Nevada should embrace gay marriage, which is what she was trying to say in a provocative way to get our attention.   Nevada has always made money on unacceptable behavior, such as divorce, gambling, prostitution, and the like.   The PC police were offend that gay marriage was being lumped into this category and being called a sin. Give me a break here.   The church has been calling us sinners for as long as I can remember, and suddenly we should be offended by this type analogy?

The true hurts, but we are different from the norm and in many peoples eyes we are sinners.  Divorce has become perfectly acceptable behavior, but some still consider it a sin.  The same goes for gambling. There are Indian casinos all across the country.  Sinful isn’t it.   As for prostitution, it is one of the oldest professions.   Calling it a sin just makes it nontaxable, like drug dealing or rich people, we still have them though don’t we.

What this reporter was trying to get across is that acceptance of gay marriage is good for the economy.   Flowers, hotel rooms, receptions, all bring people and money to our state.   I would be happy to welcome those “sinners” to Nevada.  The upshot would be a better place to live with more tolerances.    Sure “they” would be saying things behind our backs, but “they” would be laughing all the way to the bank.   What is wrong with a little economic stimulus?

Here is the promo piece.  Sorry it is not very good quality.

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