Donna Summer’s Last Dance

When I was younger (much younger!)  I had this poster of Donna Summer on the wall in our patio.    I threw myself a 21st birthday party that very few people came to, but that’s another story.   I have always liked Donna.  Even through the tough times when allegedly false statements were being made about her and the gay community.

It is probably because of my age at the time she was so popular.  I was young and ready to take on the world, yet I was too young to go to the disco (legally that is).    I remember taking disco lessons at a little club called the “Gas Lamp” in West Covina (“even East Covina?” as the commercial used to say in a very Russian accent, but I digress again).  I danced with my sisters best friend.  They got to go to the club after the lessons.  I got to go home and listen to Donna on my headphones.

When Rick Dee’s put out the song “Disco Duck” which was really “Disco Sucks”  I was heart broken.  The era was passing me by.  Of course, I wanted to dance with John Travolta, not my sisters girl friend, but we take what we are given.

Donna Summer and the Bee Gees brought Disco to the masses who quickly chewed it up and spit it out.  Now there is some interest in this part of our past.  MGM in LV has  a Studio 54 night club.  But somehow hip hop doesn’t do it for me.  I liked the romance of disco.  It was a partners dance.   It was the closes thing to Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire that my generation had to offer.  That’s probably why I watch DWTS.

I am sure many people have fond memories of listen to and dancing to Donna Summer.   Someone left the cake out in the rain too long.    She will be missed.

Side note:  I have been to MacArthur Park.  It was a very scary place back in the 90s when I worked down the street from it.  In the old heart of Los Angeles , it was a drug infested place not to be in after dark.  The picture below makes it look deceptively charming.


One Response to “Donna Summer’s Last Dance”

  1. I’ll miss her.

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