Dog days

I have been trying to learn our new project management software.    So far it is more of a pain than it is worth.  I wish it would just go away but that doesn’t seem to be happening.  It keeps growing and growing.

We had a nice if not so lucky trip to Las Vegas over Memorial Weekend.   Now it is back to pay for it all.  Not really.  We saved for it before we went, but seeing the savings account dwindle is a sad sight.

I am committing myself to a new diet and exercise program.   I have got to lose some weight before we go to NOLA this fall.   (Those mirrors in Vegas were frightening.)  I know I am always trying to lose tonnage so I won’t be labor the point this time.

The vegetable pot garden is growing nicely on the patio.  The crazy rabbit lady has flown the coop again.   One of our most disagreeable neighbors has sold and moved on.  Things are changing all around me.

I wish I had something more to say, but you don’t want to hear me complaining about work.   Another book in the Dark Tower series is out.   I need to order it from Barnes and Noble.

I will try to think of something wonderful to write about later in the week TTFN.

One Response to “Dog days”

  1. I very much like the photo of 3 dogs in a tub. They look happy.

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