I was reading a post the other day that suggested that a good post asks the question why?  The idea is that you not merely ask this question once but 5 times to get to the root of the problem.  The first answer to why usually only addresses the symptoms.  As we ask the question again we explore deeper into the cause until we reach the origin which depending on the question can be very revealing about one’s self or society as a whole.

To that end I have decided to ask why? and see where it leads me.  Why not?

Let’s try something out of the news before we get too personal.   Why does Donald Trump feel compelled to reject President Obama’s birth certificate?  My first answer is because he is  a media hound and wants publicity now that  “The Apprentice” season is over.

Why? Because he is rich and rich people don’ t like being regulated.  President Bush deregulated the economy which helped cause the “depression” we are in now.  Interestingly enough that deregulation helped some rich get richer, but I may be getting ahead of myself here.

Why? Because Obama is a Democrat and “The Donald” is Republican or at least not a Democrat.  Mitt Romney is distancing himself from Trump’s remarks and rightly so.

Why? Donald Trump is  losing money and he blames this loss on President Obama.  After all he made is fortune buying up real estate cheap and selling it for a profit.  Obama is trying to stop the real estate crash.  You would think Trump would be behind that wouldn’t you?

Okay here is the fifth why?  I warn you that I have nothing to back this answer up with but it could be true.   Donald Trump was raised by a Muslim Hawaiian Black nanny who beat him for no reason.   As a result he harbors deep resentment and has doubts about his own identity.

Next time I will try this again on a personal level.   If I can bare to face the answer?  Or perhaps  I could ask why not?


One Response to “Why?”

  1. Often when I ask the “Why?” question I get the simple answer :
    “Because they can”.

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