Pride memory #1

Some people post  a flag.  I like roses.  June is pride month, so I thought I would brighten up my theme with some rainbow-colored flowers.  Here in Reno the Pride celebration is later in the year in August.  But being originally from Southern California, I still like June.  In fact the West Hollywood Parade was last weekend.  I missed it.

The first pride celebration I ever went to was in Los Angeles.  Back in those days it was one of the few events that an under aged male could attend and be with “family”.  They weren’t televised then either so I didn’t need to fear being outed to my “other” family.  I know, West Hollywood, really?   It had the same bad rap then too.  The people are all so fake and over the top.  I loved it.  Now I sort of hate those type of people.  I have mellowed.  Maybe I shouldn’t have.  Anyway, during pride month I try to lighten up and be more superficial if that is possible, in honor of my “brotherin” who helped pave the way for gay rights.

Young people probably have lost sight of this flamboyant behavior, except in stereotype TV characters.  There is a reason we were shocking.  We were trying to get attention.   Anyway, now I see flamboyant youngsters who aren’t necessarily gay prancing around here in Reno, tattoos, piercings, bright hair colors, strange clothing, all have gone almost mainstream.  The shock values have been diluted.  In away this has help us become more acceptable to society.  The things that made us different are now making us boring.

Just  a thought.  Prehaps it really all has been done before and 30 years ago we really weren’t that different either.  But we were.  We were Absolutely Fabulous!




2 Responses to “Pride memory #1”

  1. Roger,
    For a long time now I’ve been against these over the top demonstrations of the more flamboyant sector of our common LGBLT community which indulges themselves every June by reinforcing stereotypes by prancing around half naked in various gay pride parades around the world. I would hope we’re past this. What is really going to end homophobia and increase acceptance of our gay brothers and lesbians sisters as full and equal members of this society is for everyone to come out, not just the flamboyant exhibitionists. Long overdue.

    • I agree, but the flamboyant partying is really no worse then what happens at straight event, like football games or spring break. We all need to be accepted, even the wild ones.

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