My Father

Father’s day is nearly here.  I almost forgot to even send my father a card. Rick was so worried about why he didn’t get a card from Brandon and my own father totally slipped my mind.  It is not that I don’t think about him or care.  It’s just my memory.  I think it may have something to do with some meds that I am taking, yeah that’s it.

Anyway, my father is the best father anyone could have.  He spent time with me growing up.  He tried to teach me sports (neither one of us were any good, although he is quick to point out that he was on the wrestling team).  We went camping, fishing, hiking, joined scouts, all the stuff a boy can do with his father.  He pushed me to become Senior Patrol Leader,  an Eagle Scout and ultimately an assistant Scout Master.  I learned a lot about being a leader.   People are natural-born followers and it is easy to take charge.  I learned to lead by setting a good example.  Say what you will about this organization but it gave me time with my dad, what more could a son want.  

 (I quit scouting in my 20’s  because of their views on gays, and a fear that someone might accuse me of something if they knew I was gay.  It is a shame that the group is so closed-minded.  For a while I would still do things like run the archery range at a day camp or help barbecue at a picnic. My father was camping chairman and roped me in when other bailed on him at the last-minute.) 

My father taught me a lot of things.   He is an honest man.  Honest to a fault.  He is forgiving.  He has forgiven me for many things. He is a religious man.  He is a tolerant man.  When I first came out to my mother , she told me not to tell my dad, she would handle it. (She snooped in my room and discovered letters, but that is another story.)  My dad did some research and some soul-searching and out of the blue he came to me with a book he had gotten from someone at church.  I don’t remember the title any more but it spoke of tolerance and understanding in the church and homosexuality.   We didn’t openly talk about it.  He just handed me the book and wanted me to know it was okay and that he understood.   (My mother on the other hand had problems with it for several years, but again that is off subject.)

Now my father is in his 78th year and we share a love and understanding for each other that only a father and a son can.  Sure we fight, argue about things, have a difference of opinion, but that’s all part of it.  We respect each other.

Happy Father’s Day to the best example I could ever hope to follow, my dad.


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  1. That was a lovely tribute; thank you for sharing it with us.

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