Dreams, Brews, and Blues


I have been dreaming today.   I don’t have any real plans till the end of Summer when we go to New Orleans.  So basically I have been wishing my Summer away.  I would like to be somewhere, anywhere but here.   I have been reading fellow bloggers plans for the Summer with envy.

This weekend I am going to do something here in town, the Eldorado barbeque, Brews, and Blues Festival.   Basically, you buy a plastic beer mug and some wooden nickels, sit in the street and listen to music.  It is fun.    There are several concession stands setup that sever “a taste” of beer from all sorts of brewery’s from around the country.  Each “taste” is a wooden nickel.   Some places give you a whole mug for that nickel and others only fill it to the 4 ounce line.

There are several stages setup in the intersections with live music.    We usually take our own lawn chairs and setup shop under the Fourth Street bridge in the shade.  Plus that is where Alaskan brewery  sets up their tasting booth so I don’t have to walk that far for refills.  It is a nice lazy afternoon of people watching.

Last weekend we had the “Run Amuck” 5K race and the River Festival.    It was fun too, but I was on-call so I never could really relax and enjoy it.  We were stationed at the end of the run, near the water slide finish line.   I didn’t take any pictures because I was conserving my phone battery for on-call.  Rick took some with his camera but we have yet to download them.  Maybe I can add some later.

I will definitely post some photos from the Blues and Brews festival, maybe even while I am still there.   A few years ago we went with Rick’s brother and he rented our chairs out for beer tokens.  Made some friends that day but sadly never saw them again.  I guess that’s why they call it the blues, as Elton John so eloquently put it.


3 Responses to “Dreams, Brews, and Blues”

  1. Wait, you didn’t see the “Friends” again or your “chairs”? I’m lost.
    But I would love to hang out all day, in the shad, while drinking beer. That’s the life!

    • You are always lost! The friends silly! We only rented them for a few minutes so they could eat, rest or whatever. Of course they were lesbians, but Roger (Rick’s brother) was clueless (and drunk). It was fun.

  2. I am going to alaska in a week – I will have some of their beers in your honor!

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